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Customising Your Cars Costs less than you think!

When you hear the words ‘customised car’ the first thing that springs to mind is expense. You may however be surprised to learn that it is probably not as expensive as you think, meaning you can stand out from the crowd and experience luxury features without sky high prices.

At Elite Vehicle Sourcing we know what it means to look the part, we also understand the importance of having the car you have always dreamed of; this is why we do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied with your vehicle for an affordable price.

Can my car be customised?
Whether it’s a high end sports car or an everyday run around, we can offer customisation on all of our vehicles, all you have to do is ask!

What customisation do you offer?
 We offer tinted or privacy glass on all car windows, both of these provide your vehicle with privacy from the outside looking in and help reflect the heat from outside in order to keep your interior cooler. Although both give the same desired look, tinted windows do differ from privacy glass, rather than being a glass that is naturally less transparent, tinted windows result in a darker shade by applying a film to the glass. There are more benefits to tinted windows as opposed to privacy glass, these being added security; the film prevents the glass from smashing in the event of a crash, and UV protection; helping prevent sun damage, not only to yourselves but leather interior too.

We also offer wrapping, which is an effective, short term way of changing the colour of your car, brilliant for those who enjoy a change, as the wrap can be easily removed without damaging the original paint of the car, meaning you can get it done more than once, giving you that new car feel as often as you want! This can be done as a full body wrap or individual parts, e.g. wing mirrors, separate panels etc, we will cater to your request. (Its cheaper than resprays too)!

Wheel and brake caliper treatment - this service allows us to customise the colour of your wheels to give you that extra edge. Has your car upholstery seen better days?

We offer reupholstering services to revive your interior without compromising on quality or comfort. Or maybe you just fancied a change and wanted a different colour or style of interior, get in touch.

Reverse cameras can be provided and installed in order to give you that extra safety and security when reversing and parking, these help by giving extra visibility and a clearer rear view to help prevent minor accidents.

Long journeys? Bored passengers? We offer rear seat entertainment such as DVD players, games consoles and Apps in order to keep your passengers entertained. This is a real luxury when going on a long journey and acts as a great distraction for bored passengers or impatient children. Feel free to ask us for any more information, we are always happy to help... ...and that’s a wrap!

If you want more information regarding any of the above, please contact me

Blog written by Freya Hilton

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Posted on 6th June 2017 at 10:58 PM

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