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Although both hybrid and electric cars use technology designed to decrease the use of fuel cost and emissions, many people do not know the difference between the two. This can make it difficult when choosing which economic vehicle to buy.

Electric cars are less polluting, quiet and efficient cars that rely solely on the use of battery power, this means they must be plugged in and charged prior to a journey or part way through a journey in order to run. The downside to this is that the range is only as far as the charge, therefore may not be ideal for those that do a high amount of mileage. This is where the hybrids come in, as similarly, they run on electric power with a backup fuel engine to create a partially electric car with a less limited range. Some hybrids can be used solely on electric power and then can be switched to fuel when needs be, this means are slightly less economical than electric cars and have a lower electric range, however are still a lot more ecological than the conventional petrol or diesel powered car.

People tend to think that having an electric car means being stuck in the slow lane, however electric cars are actually becoming more and more comparable to petrol and diesel cars in terms of speed. *Fun fact* they are also just as quick in reverse as they are going forward! This means less compromisation for an energy saving car. Electric cars are also extremely reliable as they have no moving parts.

Due to the massive increase in demand for hybrid and electric powered cars, there are now more than 4,000 charging stations in the UK, where the average cost to charge is about 2p per mile. The majority of solely electric cars now have a range of more than 100 miles, for example we stock the BMW i3 which has a range of 125 miles (get in touch for more info).

Summed up, electric cars are ideal for city use; no congestion charge, lower fuel costs and lower emissions, whereas hybrid cars are ideal for those living outside of cities; higher range for more miles, with a backup engine when needed, yet still producing lower emissions.

We have great deals on both hybrid and electric cars, so feel free to ask us any further questions or visit our website

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Posted on 21st June 2017 at 3:35 PM

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